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-What makes Scott Cassin Furniture stand out in the marketplace?

Scott Cassin Furniture specializes in solid wood furniture made by a single set of very experienced hands. To date I have fulfilled orders for over 3000 pieces of furniture via my online catalog. I do all the sales, design/fabrication, packaging/shipping, and customer service by myself. All items are made in my own workshop using only solid walnut, solid cherry, solid mahogany, etc. Since I am the only employee here, quality control is a breeze, as is attentive customer service. 

-Where can I read customer reviews?

A Google search for something like “Scott Cassin Furniture reviews” will lead you to hundreds of legitimate, independent customer reviews on another website. My own website is not set up for customer reviews because I am the sole administrator here. Not much value in having people leave reviews on a site where I control the content. 

-Where are you located? 

Litchfield, Connecticut USA. 

-Do you have a showroom?

I do not have a showroom with finished goods on display. The web, and this website, are my showroom. I work alone in a building on the same property where I live… in-person shopping just isn’t part of my business model. 

-Can I visit your workshop?

If you order an item and want to pick it up yourself at my workshop I welcome that. Beyond customer pick ups, there is nothing about this process that would warrant a visit to my workshop.

-If I can’t visit a showroom or workshop in person, how do I know I will get a quality job?

If you search online for reviews of my work you will find hundreds of them on an independent website, dating back nearly 15 years. I have a long track record of happy clients all over the country and it’s well documented online for anyone who wants to see it. 

-I have a design idea of my own and want someone to build it for me. Can you do that?

Probably not. But maybe. I am open to new ideas, but for the most part I stick closely to the items you see in my online catalog. Very few of the ideas people send me make sense from a practical or economic perspective. That said, every item in my online catalog began as someone’s personal request which I then refined and perfected, so feel free to ask.

-I like one of the designs in your catalog but need some of the measurements customized. Can you do that for me?

Maybe. I order and prepare materials months in advance based on the standard item sizes in the catalog, which allows me to price my work competitively. The standard dimensions also allow me to ship your item economically via regular UPS. Dimensional changes will likely lead to customization fees and oversize parcel surcharges. No harm in asking, though. 

-Can I make changes or modifications to my order after it has been placed?

No. Take all the time you need and be sure about what you are ordering… my business model is such that there is certainly no pressure to buy. However, the items are all made to order so once the process begins there cannot be any changes or modifications. 

-Can I cancel my order or return my item? 

I do not accept cancellations or returns. Since all items are made to order, especially for you, all sales are final. I encourage you to ask questions, view photos, and read item descriptions carefully before placing your order, to ensure the item meets your requirements.

-What is your refund/exchange policy? 

I do not offer refunds or exchanges because the items are made to order, especially for you. 

-What is your warranty?

Every product has a 90 day warranty, which is mainly a gesture of good faith since I am very good at what I do and my items are known to meet or exceed client expectations. (See hundreds of positive reviews online). If I were to screw something up and your item does not meet generally accepted standards for handmade furniture when you receive it, you can bet I will make it right.

-Why is the warranty only 90 days?

Because if I were to miss the mark badly enough to require a warranty, it would be evident as soon as you open the shipping crate. And because if I do make that kind of mistake it gets fixed before the item ships anyway, not afterward. And because people will inevitably try to pass off any number of their own mistakes as mine. Examples… dropped the furniture; washed the furniture with a garden hose; left the furniture in the rain; used the furniture as a workbench; used the furniture as a cutting board; used any number of ill-advised toxic substances to clean the furniture; entrusted the furniture to someone who did one of the above. My online reviews demonstrate that I am diligent about making sure you receive a high quality piece of furniture we can both be proud of. What you do with that piece of furniture after you receive it simply isn’t my realm. 

-Do you ship to locations outside the 48 US States? 

Currently I only offer shipping to addresses within the 48 US states. I do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, or other locations outside the 48 US states.

-Can I pick up my item in person.

Yes. If you live within driving distance and have a suitable vehicle, you are welcome to pick up your item at my workshop in Litchfield, CT. In such cases I will issue a credit of $100, since all my website items have the shipping cost built in. 

-How is my order packaged for shipping?

I take great care in packaging your order to ensure it arrives safely. Every item is packed in a plywood crate designed to handle severe abuse. That said, I am not personally responsible for what happens to any parcel once it leaves my workshop. See further info below. 

-What shipping company do you use?

I use UPS Ground for all website orders. They have given me consistently reliable service with minimal drama, delivering thousands of pieces of my furniture over the past 15 years. They also provide excellent online tracking info.

-Will the delivery driver bring my order inside and set it up? 

No. Your furniture will arrive in a plywood crate, on the same UPS truck that brings your Amazon packages, etc. 

-What happens if my order is lost or damaged in transit?

I have shipped over 3000 pieces of furniture with UPS and no more than 10 of them have been damaged in transit. Not a single one has ever disappeared altogether. The odds are very much in your favor. While I take every reasonable precaution to ensure your order arrives in perfect condition, I do not assume any responsibility for what might happen once the item leaves my workshop. If you would like to insure your order for damage or loss during transit, please ask me for more information on how to do that. There is no implicit or explicit coverage for shipping damage or loss unless you purchase insurance.

-Will my furniture arrive fully assembled?

My items ship fully assembled with the legs removed. Some legs require no tools at all, some require a Phillips screwdriver. I will not send you anything that requires more than a Phillips screwdriver and 10 minutes of your time. 

-Can I call Scott Cassin Furniture on the phone?

Probably not. I work alone, in an environment filled with noisy machinery. I never, ever, hear the phone ring. That leaves me playing voicemail tag with people who are busy doing other things themselves, which is a giant waste of everyone’s time. There is really nothing about this process that cannot be discussed quite sufficiently by email. I usually return emails within a couple hours. 

-How can I contact Scott Cassin Furniture?

You can reach me at or use the contact feature on the website. 

Quicker Build Times and tax free shopping Are Here

Most orders placed here on my own website automatically receive priority status and will ship in 2-3 weeks. Orders for my work placed via other websites remain 6-8 weeks.

In addition, shoppers outside Connecticut will not pay sales tax when ordering here on my own site.