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My name is Scott Cassin. I am a professional woodworker in Litchfield County, Connecticut. Thank you for taking the time to check out my website and my furniture catalog. 

My background: After abruptly ditching a corporate job in 1999, I kicked around trying various trades for a couple years, eventually settling on carpentry and woodworking. I am entirely self taught; I’ve never been employed in anyone else’s woodworking shop. As of 2023 I have built around 3000 pieces of artisan furniture! 

My style: In my catalog of hardwood furniture items you’ll notice an obvious nod to mid century and modernist/minimalist design, with the addition of my own tastes and ideas.  

My business: My goals as an artisan and my model as a businessperson are one and the same; to provide the client with an item I’d be proud to have in my own home. Whenever I finish an item the final quality check is painfully simple. I look at what I’ve built and ask myself how I’d feel if this were something I had paid for. If I’d be a happy customer it’s almost a sure bet the actual customer will be happy too. Easy! 

Mid-century modern desk in solid walnut 

Where and how: I build every item by myself, in a professional-caliber workshop located on the same property where I live… the remnants of a 300 year old farm in Litchfield County, Connecticut. Since 2015 the furniture workshop has been located in a renovated barn that used to be the milk processing building. Most of my work is sold online via this website, to clients in the 48 states. So, packing and shipping furniture is a big part of my job. That said, if you happen to live close enough you are more than welcome to pick up your finished item in person. On the few occasions per year that a client collects their item from my workshop in person, I always enjoy chatting and explaining a bit more about how and where their item was built. 

If you have any questions about an item you see in my catalog, please don’t hesitate to email me at or use the contact form here on the website. 

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